You can give other types of arachnoid cysts.

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Depending on the structure of education, there are: a simple cyst, which is formed only from cerebrospinal fluid; complex cyst, consisting of various types of Ventolin. Depending on the location, there are: cyst in the lumbar region; formation of the spinal canal; cyst in the parietal part of the head; cyst in the temporal region. Features of this type of cyst. An arachnoid cyst of the brain is a collection of CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) that contributes to the destruction of the brain.

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Like the retrocerebellar cyst, the arachnoid cyst of the brain is a benign formation, while both diseases can be asymptomatic. But there are some sort of differences between them, namely: The arachnoid cyst is located on the surface of Ventolin , and the retrocerebellar cyst is in its thickness. The first appears between the membranes of the brain, and the second - in the place of death of the graysubstances. An arachnoid cyst does not always require surgical intervention, and with a retrocerebellar cyst, complete destruction of the brain is possible in the absence of surgery.

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With a primary arachnoid cyst, the main causes provoking this disease can be:

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taking medications by a pregnant woman; radiation; poisoning with toxic substances; smoking, drinking alcohol by the expectant mother. As for the secondary species, the main factors that can cause this disease are: meningitis; head injury; encephalitis; inflammatory processes of the brain; hemorrhage in the brain; stroke; arachnoiditis.

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A congenital arachnoid cyst of Albuterol manifests its symptoms in childhood, and with a secondary one, it can occur at any age and, as a rule, depends on the location and size. The primary cyst can provoke a delay in the development of the child, mental disorders or visual impairment. The complexity is manifested in the fact that the symptoms of an arachnoid cyst may be characteristic of other brain diseases. So the most common symptoms include: severe headaches; nausea; gagging; fatigue; increased drowsiness; convulsions; seizures.

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